Adopted by:  Rowan

Demitrius demi star the third

It's a brand new year- and Demitrius Demi Star the Third is here to guide us into bright beginnings before his return to the Holiday Galaxy! His thoughts on being a shooting star? "I've been all around the universe, and even though I'm a newer star, I've seen SO many beautiful things on my path! " He continues, "But the only time I ever really feel like landing is when I know you all need me here, for a puppet show. If anyone wondered what a Wishing Star wishes for, well, now you know!" 

Thanks for the stardust , Demi, we'll be sure to use it in all the wonderful things coming our way at the theater... oh, and here's a little extra for YOU, too! 


Adopted by:  Brian Sacca

Aloysius the Birthday dog

When Aloysius the Birthday Dog caught ear that we were featuring him and his two best friends for Marionette Monday (during the Birthday month they enthusiastically share with Mr. Bob Baker - all born February 9th!), he trotted up to us after his most recent Birthday song and tipped his hat in "Thanks". This isn't a surprise coming from him, the most regal and gentlemanly of the trio, but we took it as an honor from a legend, nonetheless.

Aloysius has been wishing A Very Happy Birthday to kids and kids-at-heart since the early 1960's, and says he's lost count on the lollipops and puppets he's presented along the way but remembers all of their smiles. The orange feather in his cavalier hat was gifted to him from the Opera Singer for offering to be her personal Crier and plucked from one of her best hand fans. Aloysius says that he wears this cavalier hat as a tribute to the Three Musketeers, or in his case, his three very best Birthday Buddies: Happy, Percy and of course, Bob Baker! Hats off to Aloysius, a true gentleman and dog-and-mans best friend!



Adopted by:  Maya Pavik


Adopted by:  Jen O'Connor

and Barry Smoler


Though her glamorous appearance precedes her, MuchaShe's doe-eyes instantly give away her most "estupendo" quality: seeing the best in everyone! Not only kind, she is an exemplary role model - this is one little mouse who sees what she wants and goes all out for it. MuchaHe, her long-time partner, concurs; he loves re-telling the story of how she cha-cha'd her way right into his heart. From sharing the stage and the road with her for decades, we completely understand how.

Whether she's dancing onstage or relaxing between rehearsals with a nip of cheese, she never misses an opportunity to smile and daintily wave hello. MuchaShe says that among her many accessories, her most beloved one is her rhinestone necklace, a friendship gift from the Pink Cat, her style icon, and the reason her own dress is pink. From fabulous to golden-hearted, it's certainly easy to see all of MuchaShe's "estupendo" qualities!


With a little Cha Cha, a little Rumba, a simple question and a maraca shake, MuchaHe seems to change the all ladies minds on the turn of a heel when they begin to startle and notice he's a mouse. And his tactics aren't cheesy either - he's set many hearts aflame with his latin heat! His own heart, however, beats to the rhythm of MuchaShe's footwork and their passion has been showcased in every "Fiesta" performance - and many road show stages - for decades!

When asked about himself, he cites Green Cat as his best friend, whose silly and gangly antics keep him on his toes between performances, his love for play-on-words when asked what keeps he and MuchaShe's romance alive and when prompted to speak to his adoring fans, he smiled spicily and said, "Do you Cha Cha?" We think THAT'S one dance with a mouse anyone would take - don't you?


Adopted By:  Jasper Cavanaugh Anthony


World traveler and toy-maker extraordinaire, Santa Claus, honored us with making our theater his final stop early Christmas Morning! We didn't catch him slipping in, but he ate the ice cream we left out for him and we found a special note he left behind: 

"To the Puppeteers, Puppets and Puppet fans: 
It's been decades of delight! 
This theater brings a love that is grand, 
And strongest on this night; 
For lots of little boys and girls (and some not so little anymore), 
have asked me to keep it safe and sound; 
As it's brought them joy so many times before!
      And, so, I've made the final stop of my flight
      at this theater-in-the-round!
      I gift with you a Christmas magic that helps my reindeer fly,
     That gives my Elves the strength they need to finish everything on time,
     And has brought smiles and laughter for centuries flown by,
     Because this theater is also a personal favorite of mine!"

     Thank you, Santa, that's the best gift we could have asked for! See ya next year!!



Adopted by:  Kennett Venable

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Meet our stuffy-nosed pup that leads the herd! Rudolph the Reindeer and his little red nose have been "lighting" up Holiday road shows - and our theater - for decades! While we don't have the heart to tell him that we aren't sure if Bob Baker is the REAL Santa Claus, his earnest loyalty to Bob and absolute dedication to the magic of Christmas is starting to make us think he may know something we don't!