Launching our new Adopt-A-Puppet program are our Three Caballeros, stars from Bob Baker's "Fiesta" show!


You can't sneak a sunrise past this Cabellero! We found Rooster in our courtyard early this morning warming up for "FIESTA"! Our kind neighbors were understanding and seemed to know the drill - Rooster is notorious for being a little "loco.”

The goofiest of the Caballeros trio, Rooster has made his way into several of Bob's production over the decades because of his extreme charisma (and persistence) and claims his reason for being a little "shaken up" is because of his many travels on the road show van, sitting next to the hens. Despite his lovable zaniness, Rooster's heart of gold and always unprecedented show "Rooster roster,” as he calls it, makes him one of our most recognizable icons!! Cock-a-doodle-do!


Three's a charm when it comes to our "pájaros del mismo plumaje"... and here's the first of three, now! Toucan has been flapping his wings and clacking his beak since we first began throwing our legendary Fiestas in the 1970s - and has never stopped! Through the decades, and with his two fellow Caballeros by his side, he’s performed in our theater and taken his celebration on the road and to special events alike, excitedly sharing his song of enduring friendship and gentleman-like bravery!

Though he is famous for flying to the top of the piñata rope and snipping it with his beak get the Fiesta started, the real feather in his sombrero is his dedication to his culture and ever-strong passion in his performances!



We’re not trying to ruffle any feathers here… but Parrot might just be the most stylish of the Three Caballeros! With barely a feather out of place, Parrot will be the first to tell you that sticking with his two pals makes even his greatest dreams of song and dance take flight. The last of our Three Caballeros deserves the superstar tweetment, and although toucan do it better than one, it really takes three to make a true Fiesta! You can’t help but let this feathered friend squawk his way right into your heart.