Poster art by:  Dog Knit Sweater

   Poster art by: Dog Knit Sweater

Bob Baker's “THE CIRCUS” is an exuberant, red-and-white-striped, golden vignette guilded, cotton candy scented, marionette theater production revival, commemorating the intrinsic joy and behemoth spectacle of a classic traveling circus, as envisioned by celebrated puppet master (and carnival enthusiast), Mr. Bob Baker. Widely known as one of Mr. Baker’s most show-stopping productions, “THE CIRCUS” rip-roaringly encapsulates all that amazes under the Big Top; each acrobatic insignia, exotic animal performer and sideshow salient are brought to life through the story-telling wonderment of puppetry on strings and musical revue.

“THE CIRCUS” was originally developed in the 1940’s and staged as an elaborate traveling show, enjoyed by hundreds of adoring audiences and covering Los Angeles County and surrounding vicinities.  When Mr. Baker transformed his whimsical vision into 1963’s brick-and-mortar Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Downtown, Los Angeles, “THE CIRCUS” was reimagined for the exciting specifications of Mr. Baker’s new home theater. It set an impressive tone for the early roster of many now-beloved productions found inside Bob Baker’s famous “living theater” and is credited for its exemplary artistry and craftsmanship in marionette design. In this elaborate and ambitious show revival, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater wishes to edutain and inspire audiences of every age with a fantastical celebration of a long-lost and culturally ingrained performance art through its own specialized medium of unusual art form: marionette puppetry.

Adults + Children over 2 - $15.00
Children under 2 are FREE!