the CINEFAMILY at The Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Located at Los Angeles' historic Silent Movie Theater, the Cinefamily is Non-Profit with a mission to: "find and present interesting and unusual programs of exceptional, distinctive, weird and wonderful films."  


The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is proud be in collaboration with Los Angeles' curators of exceptional, distinctive, weird and wonderful film, the Cinefamily.

Special events presenting a mix of the magical experience that is the BBMT with an assortment of classic, inspiring, and whimsical cinema from the world over. 

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FrI. Dec 9 @7:30pm, Sat. Dec 10 @2:30pm

Nursery rhymes come to life with eye-popping Technicolor glory in this precocious Disney musical. It starts in the village of Mother Goose Land, where characters from famous lore like Little Bo Beep and Jack Be Nimble live and play together. But all is thrown in this prismatic paradise when snidely town miser Barnaby (Ray Bolger, The Wizard of Oz’s The Scarecrow) schemes to steal the hand of Mary, Mary Quite Contrary from her new husband Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son. When Barnaby kidnaps Tom, Mary and children in town have to adventure deep into the Forest of No Return to get him back. Even if the story weren’t so joyously watchable and clever, the Oscar-nominated production design and musical numbers would be enough to make the experience unforgettable: everything in this movie is so richly creative, right up to its ecstatic, postmodern self-awareness.

Dir. Jack Donohue, 1961, 16mm, 106 min.

All the World Plays a Clown: Late Career Fellini

Amarcord (Off-site at BBMT) – Wednesday, November 2nd: 8:00pm I, Clowns (Off-site at BBMT) – Wednesday, November 9th: 8:00pm And the Ship Sails On (Off-site at BBMT) – Wednesday, November 16th: 8:00pm City of Women (Off-site at BBMT) – Wednesday, November 23rd: 8:00pm

Amarcord (Off-site at BBMT) – Wednesday, November 2nd: 8:00pm
I, Clowns (Off-site at BBMT) – Wednesday, November 9th: 8:00pm
And the Ship Sails On (Off-site at BBMT) – Wednesday, November 16th: 8:00pm
City of Women (Off-site at BBMT) – Wednesday, November 23rd: 8:00pm

Fri. Nov. 4 @7:30pm, Sat Nov. 5 @2:30pm

On the heels of his Grammy win for “Everybody’s Talkin’,” pioneering singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson submerged himself deep in an LSD trip and emerged with his sixth studio album, the hallucinogen-fueled, narrative-driven The Point! Quickly adapted into an animated TV film that first aired in 1971 as an ABC Movie of the Week, this bedtime story—narrated à la The Princess Bride by not Peter Falk, but a post-Midnight Cowboy Dustin Hoffman—begets an outsider tale of young Oblio (voiced by Mike Lookinland, aka OG Bobby Brady) whose seemingly “point-less” existence leads to his exile from The Land of Point into a journey of self-acceptance alongside his trusty K9, Arrow. The Point’s visual style deals in psychedelia strange enough for animation aficionados, yet safe and inviting enough for youngins, with an earnest message of tolerance forming its cross-generational heart. If listening to “Me and My Arrow” doesn’t inspire an instant Proustian rush, we promise you’ll soon count it among your all-time favorites.

Dir. Fred Wolf, 1971, 16mm, 74 min.

16mm print provided by Kier-La Janisse at Spectacular Optical

Thurseday, August 18 - 7:30 pm

Women of Cinefamily weekend opens with an evening of portraits-of-the-artists-as-young-women, at the Bob Baker Marionette theater! Featuring: Cut Piece, the Maysles brothers’ documentation of Fluxus artist Yoko Ono’s legendary interactive performance; Japanese artist and master of the polka-dot Yayoi Kusama’s Self-Obliteration, shot by Jud Yalkut; Bruce Conner’s The White Rose, which chronicles the removal of The Rose–Jay DeFeo’s nearly one-ton masterpiece–from her San Francisco studio; and We Have No Art, Baylis Glascock’s portrait of American Catholic nun and pop artist Sister Corita Kent. Curator and artist Alia Penner will deck out the historic theater, revealing a newly painted exterior and special installations by LA women artists.

Une fantaisie: The Dream Cycle of Jacques Rivette

July 28, August 4, & August 11


The Cinefamily is proud to present the underseen fantasy films of the late French auteur Jacques Rivette, whose wildly inventive and playful vision transcended his initial associations with the French New Wave and the singularly influential Cahiers du cinéma. In August, three films by Jacques Rivette will be featured on MUBI, a curated online cinema featuring handpicked films from around the globe. Cinefamily has partnered with MUBI to extend our passion for film into the digital world, opening the door for even more opportunities to experience great cinema.


Puppet show and a Movie! -(2016) Fri. May 27@8pm, Sat. May 28@2:30pm & 5:30pm,  Sun. May 29@5:30pm

Pippi by the South Sea!

Hosted by DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba! With marionette opening act!

She’s been hiding for years, but she hasn’t forgotten about you. Once an inspiration to adventurous kids across the globe, and once a staple of local weekend television (KTLA Channel 5, you old devil), Pippi Longstocking was the redhead on the move. She lived at Villa Villekulla with her horse and monkey — but she was a citizen of the world, deftly guiding the hands of her neighbors Tommy and Annika through the shining prism of a fearless childhood.

Spun from the brilliant mind of author Astrid Lindgren and immortalized onscreen by the eternally cute Inger Nilsson, Pippi continues to bring a kaleidoscope of joy to our collective heart, no matter what ages we might be. Once she’s with you, she’s with you always — and this ultra-rare 16mm presentation of PIPPI IN THE SOUTH SEAS (1970) gives Los Angeles a chance to relive the magic of this heart-soaring, nonconformist creation.

Dir. Olle Hellbom, 1970, 16mm, 86 min.

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