FIVE PRINTS beautifully crafted by Celebrated Artist Earl NewMan


In partnership with iconic poster artist Earl Newman, we present 5 unique and inspired portraits of Bob Baker and his Marionettes in a limited 50 print run. 

Bob Baker himself with his sugarplum fairy; his signature marionette Bill Robinson; vignettes of his shows; the theater and the captivating life.  

With 2 10x23” and 3 5x23” sizes, the artwork will be unveiled for sale at Bob Baker Day 2018 and at the Theater store thereafter.

Newman, 85, has created hundreds of posters using a silk-screen printing technique.

His work includes theater posters for the Oregon Shakespeare Theater and Oregon State University, and posters for the Abbot Kinney Street Fair in Venice and the Monterey Jazz Festival. That body of work is kept at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.


Earl Newman was born in Malden, Massachusetts on March 23, 1930. In
1960, after receiving his master’s degree in art and education from Harvard
and working as a middle school art teacher in upstate New York for several
years, Earl and his wife Jean decided to head west in search of a new life in
sunny California.

Earl and Jean packed up their 3 children and headed west in their 1955
Chevy station wagon. They landed in eclectic Venice Beach, where they
rented a space on the boardwalk and eventually opened an art gallery.
Using equipment that had been left behind by a previous tenant, Earl found
success hand silk screening posters, which for many define an era of
excitement and change in 1960’s Los Angeles.

In 1972, longing for a simpler life, Earl and Jean moved their family to a
charming farm in Summit, Oregon. Earl continues to live and produce his
iconic handmade posters from his studio in Summit, combining his skills and
experience as both a fine and graphic artist in his unique style.

Earl's vast portfolio includes: 50 years of posters for the Monterey Jazz
Festival (which is included in the Smithsonian's permanent collection), 30
years of Oregon Shakespeare Festival posters, 20 years of posters for the
Oregon State University Theatre department and 10 years of producing
prints for the Oregon Coast Aquarium. A look at his website,
earlnewmanprints.com, will give you a more complete picture of his
extensive body of work.

Earl has maintained a booth at the Oregon Country Fair for 40 years in an
effort to remain accessible to his fans. He makes it a priority to offer his
handmade, quality artwork at affordable prices. He has never allowed his
pieces to be mass produced, remaining true to his artistic integrity to this
day. Earl is truly a one-of-a-kind artisan and humanitarian.