Time: Bed time
Place: Anywhere
Scene: An imaginary toyshop

enchanted toy shop 1_preview.jpg

Bob Baker's Enchanted Toyshop is a magical vision of a toy store come to life. Originally staged as “Toyland Review” in 1963, this whimsical and imaginative production intends to make real the fantasies of every child who has ever experienced the magic of playing with a toy. From animated cuckoo clocks to tumbling teddy bears, from jack-in-the-boxes to wooden soldiers, Enchanted Toyshop is a universal exploration of the childlike wonder and fantasy that kids of all ages should embrace and envision. Last presented in 1998 at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, the Theater is excited and honored to share this classic Bob Baker Production with a new audience beginning June 16th.

The forthcoming presentation of Enchanted Toyshop will feature a re-staging of a classic sequence from the 1975 film Escape to Witch Mountain with original Bob Baker marionettes from the film, an elaborate music box sequence, walking stages, and a captivating cadre of toys that parade and play in the enchanted toyshop. The re-presentation of this production is part of the mission at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater to share and restore Bob Baker’s creative vision with productions that have been staged throughout the history of the Theater. Enchanted Toyshop is the third in a series of restored productions (Hooray LA and The Circus being the first two), and represents the Theater’s continued commitment to educate, celebrate, and rejuvenate puppetry in the city of Los Angeles.

In this elaborate and ambitious show revival, we will restore key puppets and lost or damaged props and backdrops, and preserve antiquated soundtrack audio to ensure the inclusion of essential elements for a portrayal of Enchanted Toyshop closest to its original presentation. 

Our upcoming presentation of Enchanted Toyshop is part of the Bob Baker Marionette Theater’s ongoing mission to honor and preserve the legacy of founder Bob Baker through show restorations and presentations celebrating our 50+ year history of marionette puppetry and entertaining kids and adults alike. In addition to our regular puppet shows, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater will shortly announce supplemental programs, screenings, talks, and more that explore the themes and visuals of the show, and support the continued expansion of our programming and partnerships.

Tickets are $15 for regular performances and are now available online. Further information can be found on our website bobbakermarionettetheater.com.

Regular weekend marionette performances at 2:30pm and weekday shows at 10:30am.