Limited Evening-Only Engagements December 14th - 29th!


The Nutcracker Prince cordially invites you & Clara
to his Magic Kingdom on a Mountain of Sweetmeats! 

Our marionette adaptation of a ballet classic and Bob's most beloved Holiday show since it's opening in 1969!

 Allow us to take you on an adventure through the wizardry of strings and into the
enchanted world of the fantastic... NUTCRACKER.  

MEET.... the Sugarplum Fairy and her Promenading Cakes!

DANCE.... with the Waltzing Flowers!

CHEER.... for the Nutcracker band, The Go-Go's!

MARVEL.... at the wonders beyond the Mysterious Door! 

Following our presentation, we invite guests to partake in our Theater tradition for ICE CREAM in our historic Party Room!

A sure enough taste of both savory and sweet for every day in your Holidays and a spectacle for every child and child-at-heart, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater is proud to reprise this beautiful classic that has delighted fans, both new and seasoned, for over 40 years!