October 31, 2016


Looking towards the next 50 years of puppeteering

Bob Baker Marionette Theater is now a nonprofit organization and will transition its current status into an institution that encapsulates the old and grows into something new that will ensure the long enduring legacy of its founder. The organization's new Executive Director is Alex Evans who worked closely with Bob Baker for almost ten years before his passing in 2014.

As part of this new phase of the BBMT, its Landmark location will undergo renovation. The theater will be incorporated into a new housing development resulting in an independent new facility. The development is going to build the theater to precise specifications of Bob’s original vision based on notes and sketches that were left by him. The new space will be capable of staging expanded programming and will be able to hold workshops that help maintain the current shows and to create new ones. It will also offer educational opportunities for the community and beyond. Lastly, the facility will have a museum that will showcase Bob’s vast history, a marionette collection, and memorabilia.

Finally, the BBMT will host celebratory programming at its Landmark location until the renovation goes underway. After which, thanks to the collaboration and partnership of the Pasadena Playhouse, performances will take place at their facility.