Our "Bob Baker Big Top" presentation of "The Circus!" 

A touring Bob Baker roadshow circa 1950.

One of Bob Baker's first traveling show vans.

Traveling company


Invite the Bob Baker Marionette Theater to bring the joy of puppetry to your home, event, or function.

Perfect for schools, country clubs, birthday parties, business functions, or simply anywhere where there's fun is to be had.  We offer a traveling troupe to perform a self contained marionette variety show! 

We provide three options:

1. One Man Show - $350

  • 25-30 minutes
  • A single performer, 11 puppets, and endless joy!

2. Two Man Show - $600

  • 30 minutes
  • Two performers and twenty puppets dazzle and delight!
  • Featuring seasonally specific spectaculars!

3. The Bob Baker Big Top - $1000

  • Great for festivals and large outdoor events! A theatrical experience complete with a full big top setup that comes to you!

*For distances over 25 miles from our downtown LA location, extra travel fees may apply.

The show is self contained. We bring a rolling rack of puppets behind a glamorous curtain. The audience ideally sits in a semicircle around the curtain so the puppet can come right on out and interact. The show is done to a pre-recorded soundtrack. After the show, we pride ourselves in showing off the historic and beautiful marionettes!

For Birthday Celebrations, Shambles, our adorable puppet dog, presents the Birthday boy/girl with their very own marionette, then engages the audience in a "Happy Birthday" Sing-Along!

Suggested layout for the Traveling Company Shows.

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