art by   Ellen Surrey

art by
Ellen Surrey

Imagination Dwells Here is the first ever interactive children's museum exhibition from the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. Featuring key elements of the Bob Baker experience including puppetry and manipulation, birthday parties and celebration, performance, and enchantment, Imagination Dwells Here introduces Bob Baker's world of creativity and imagination in a special engagement at the Southern California Children's Museum. We invite Angelenos and visitors to celebrate "the place where imagination dwells" as they learn, create, and explore the wonderful world of Bob Baker Marionette Theater! 


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Come and celebrate Imagination Dwells Here with the Bob Baker Marionettes and the Southern California Children's Museum! Enjoy special Bob Baker marionette performances, meet the marionettes and puppeteers, and play with us in the exhibit! Throughout these day-long celebrations, come explore puppetry, imagination, and more!

Themes and topics

Photo By Star Foreman

Photo By Star Foreman

Empathy: Whenever someone plays a part through the use of a puppet, they are, in a sense, putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. They take on their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and viewpoints which helps them to understand, empathize, and create brand new situations.

Fine motor skills: Puppet play is a full-body activity. When a child is playing with puppets, they’re not only moving their hands and fingers inside the puppet, they also crouch down, crawl, walk, jump and move their body around. If they have two puppets at once, it’s even more of a challenge. All of these movements help refine gross motor skills and coordination.

Emotion: Sometimes kids are shy and withdrawn and often parents have a hard time coaxing them to share their feelings. In such cases, the puppet becomes a “friend” that kids can express their feelings to, without the discomfort. This ensures that they have a safe space to vent their emotions or they might even use the puppets to communicate to their parents about uncertainties, excitement, and joys.

Design and imagination: One of the most obvious benefits of puppet play is that participating in this activity can allow a child’s imagination to run free. They can use the Bob Baker puppets to play out any number of scenarios, whether they’re a complete fantasy or truer to real life. In addition to performance, we plan to include in the exhibition a variety of props, scenery, and musical cues to customize their performance and scenic creations.


artwork by Ellen Surrey