THE THEME.... "There's no business like show business"... And there's no show like "SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT."  This marionette musical is delightfully mad..wonderfully imaginative..and the best lyric review in the theater.   Produced in Hollywood by Bob Baker Productions, it has the scope of a Broadway the Wonderland touch.

THE AUDIENCE.... "SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT" is to adults a satirical comedy.  To is the fantastic world of make believe come true.  It is a rare blend of pure entertainment holding no audience limitations.

THE SETTING....The most enchanting place on Earth...A place that exists in every child's imagination..and is a warm glow in the secret heart of the adult.  A farm where everything...trees,  flowers, animals, have human emotions and feelings.  Remember this once belonged only to you.

THE STORY....A glamorous chicken, MISS CLARISSA, as she was billed on Broadway, has retired from the theater.  She will live..according to her last press release...on her "Estate" surrounded by admirers and lovingly cared for by her faithful retainers.  The truth is..that Miss Clarissa, to her chagrin, is now laying eggs on a farm instead of Broadway..and she views her "twilight years" with alarm.  Her "faithful retainers"..Mama and Papa Goat..prove that Clarissa may accept her social security checks with aplomb secure in the thought that "Broadway is not all that glitters."

THE CAST....In addition to Miss Clarissa and Mama and Papa Goat we have spared no expense in satirizing those least likely to admit they could be satirized.  Our ingenue, Miss Petunia, has a flower-like quality..and she plays in the theatrical tradition of Camille.  Our leading man...Pierre a hare of another color.  Pierre is a strolling player who draws his audience into his characterization of a portrait painter.  Better beware will find yourself playing straight man to a molasses laden accent from New Orleans.  Les Fox...whom you may associate with other leading exponents of the dance... adds another dimension to..The Tango.  Two stars of the Twenties...The Dodo Sisters..give evidence that neither they..nor the Charleston is extinct with the capable assistance of Aloysius Crow.  In Guest Stars appearances are the justly famous Tallulah Cow and Bull Frog.  Bull does his incredible soft shoe number..and you all know Tallulah.

IN CAMEO NUMBERS....Bumble Bee..who appears, despite her allergy to flowers with her waltzing daisies.  SCARE CROW AND LADY LOVE... the dance team Arthur Murray talks their moonlight dance.  Our ballerinas in the ballet of the woods..and the fresh lilting voices of our ONION CHORUS.