Puppet adoptions make the most charming gifts for family and friends! Give one of our puppets a home and for one year you will be recognized as as our puppet’s very best friend, not to mention the Theater’s very best friend for your kind contribution– all of which goes to support our In LA to Stay campaign and our next 50 years of existence!  

All Adopt-a-Puppet participants will receive a personalized adoption certificate, a photo of your puppet, and a statement of recognition on our website for supporting and loving your very own adopted puppet! Support our Theatre, support your community, and give your puppet a helping hand!



Adopt our puppets from Bob Baker's "ENCHANTED TOYSHOP!"


Photos by the wonderful Ian Byers-Gambler!


The Bob Baker Marionette Theater is excited to share a plan for fifty more years of entertaining and enriching the lives of generations of Angelenos.

We will be part of a development project that values the historic past of Los Angeles, and we are proud to say Bob Baker Marionette Theater is In LA to Stay. We will soon begin construction on a rejuvenated theater space that will be incorporated into a new development on the site of the Theater’s original location.

New spaces will be designed based on Bob’s original vision for the Theater, offering us a chance to finally realize some of Bob’s most wondrously whimsical dreams. Elements of the original theater and experience will be preserved through architectural restoration of our iconic facade, courtyard, with a completely restored party room. The addition of a museum, workshop, and educational spaces will provide new ways for us to engage and serve the community.

As a new nonprofit entity, Bob Baker Marionette Theater has an encompassing vision for a permanent space with broadened opportunity for programming, partnerships and a continued, growing presence throughout Los Angeles county. The new space will feature an expanded environment, including exhibition and education facilities. Programming will include the restoration and continued presentation of original Bob Baker productions, the completion of his unrealized shows and eventually brand new shows.

The nonprofit will also engage the community with new programming, fostering partnerships with other cultural and educational organizations to showcase a variety of music, film, and art. While we are constructing the new space, Bob Baker Marionette Theater will continue to expand our brand and mission through our travelling company and residencies at a variety of public venues and locations throughout Los Angeles.

Support the Bob Baker Marionette Theater’s commitment to provide unique theatrical experiences; to educate, to celebrate, to revitalize puppetry and the allied arts -- all within a living theater sprinkled with history, delight and a little bit of stardust!