Poster Artist: Audrey Densmore

Poster Artist: Audrey Densmore


When Puppets Are Your Only Friends
pt. xx
Sunday, May 27, 2018
7:00 pm - Reception
8:00 pm - Showtime
Tickets - $15



Hey!! Its Molly and Jrd! We're back....
(Well sort of..((LONG STORY))) but at what cost!?
Yada yada-- we don't have much time!!
We're actually in puppet Purgatory. Come save us ??
The porthole is located at 1345 W 1st st. 
It opens at 7pm and closes PERMANENTLY at 9:00pm specific standard time

Bring us back for good with guest Priest: David Arquette!!
Assisted by Jeff Speetjens !

Reverse Exorcism by April Hava Shenkman & 
Jared Whitham !

Sermons by Michael Serwich !

Aerial Voodoo by Zay Warfield !

Mr. Frederick Kolouch on the organ ! 

after the show's end, catch live set from Portland native band, SÁVILA


it burns...

This show has some grown-up humor.
Parental discretion advised!